NBT: Documentation in the Pandemic

NBT: Documentation in the Pandemic
We thought we had this down – how does a TRIO administrator document expenditures and services – purchases, payments to students, cultural experiences, academic and counseling services.  But the pandemic has certainly upended that.  In the absence of guidance from the Department of Education, recognizing the flexibility provided to institutions under the CARES ACT, faced with unquestionable need of students; how should administrators proceed.  Learn from a panel of experts, including an attorney who served in the general counsel's office of a major university, how to make decisions and document those decisions during this time.  Understand how to measure possible institutional exposure and how to protect your institutions should it be audited.  Familiarize yourself with technologies that assist you in documenting the services and resources you are providing students/clients.
5/26/2020 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Eastern Daylight Time

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